EnjinStarter is a launchpad focused on blockchain games, NFTs, and the Metaverses. Build on Enjin's Jumpnet they're focused on building an ecosystem for Enjin and Efinity.


About the company

The Enjin Starter launchpad comes from the Enjin ecosystem to stand as one of the best launchpads in the sphere of Metaverse Gaming. One of Enjin's newer gems, and one that we are closely related to. Our collaboration with their team has been extremely fruitful since its inception. While the Einjin team focused on building the core technology needed for the project, we have provided full coverage of the marketing-related infrastructure needed for everything to function well. 

We covered all the necessary details of a campaign of that size from community management to the marketing roadmap preparation and implementation. Media moderation has been taken care of by our specialists and we have multiple team members working closely with their own marketing team to enter the Polish market managing at the same time to create aS vast and active member base. 

Our work together has been a pleasure and we plan to deepen our collaboration in the future.