Kanga Exchange is the largest central Europe crypto-asset exchange with more than 250 physical exchange points. Dedicated platform for all ICO market participants, i.e. investors, creators, brokers.

Centralized Exchange

About the company

Kanga Exchange is a one-stop-gap platform for crypto asset trading, improving the normal Exchange infrastructure by letting people trade more than normal cryptocurrency on their exchange, letting them instead trade all kinds of different crypto assets. Our partnership with Kanga has developed in a lot of different ways, due to the special nature of their features, as well as their secondary projects, like the Kanga launchpad, but we started with directing multiple targeted campaigns with them, as well as collaborating to expand to the European market.

We also combined our marketing network to give them a more solid foundation in the space, while laying all the logistical infrastructure needed to reach more capillary spread in the market for Kanga users. This collaboration has laid out multiple layers of challenges for us that we have successfully risen above, and we look forward to working together for future launches.