SpaceFalcon is an intergalactic metaverse PvP space shooter game with premium Sci-Fi NFTs. The game incentivizes players by integrating blockchain reward systems.


About the company

Space Falcon combines old school space-faring shooter gameplay with revolutionary Metaverse technology, bringing to bear a galaxy wide ecosystem teeming with life and opportunities. Just like Age of Tanks, Space Falcon is one of the projects we were the most involved with, collaborating with the SF team since the start of the fundraising campaign, and giving insight into the proceeding of creating a community from the ground up. With the combined efforts of our teams, community development has given birth to a faithful and dedicated user base, as well as solidifying the Space Falcon team media presence while letting them focus on the building of their core technology. 

We managed to encourage KuCoin exchange to list SpaceFalcon and help with the onboarding as well as negotaiting the best possible terms. This collaboration has showcased the effectiveness of the methodology we perfected during the collaborations with Uniqly and Age of Tanks, and we will be keeping up our standards by improving with each new challenge we overcome.