The Synapse Network is a fully functional solution aimed to bridge the gap between investors and brilliant projects. Synapse ecosystem will let everyone enter the previously extremely elitist world of fundraising


About the company

Synapse has emerged as one of the best Institutionalized platforms in the DeFi world, combining multiple aspects of mainstream entities, like the attention to security and a very strong focus on foundation building and long term planning. As of now, with the Network continued growth as well as their focus on improving their features, our collaboration with them keeps deepening. We have taken care of most of their marketing efforts, while also developing their very active community. We provided specific experts to collaborate with the Synapse marketing team to create their copy and manage their community more directly, covering all the logistical bases needed for everything to function smoothly. 

Together with their marketing team, we introduced them to various new European and Asian markets, while also expanding the connection between them and our own network of influencers. Our projects partnership has been a boon for both teams, and we look forward to a long and valuable collaboration.